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Teacher Biographies

Ximena Trujillo

Ximena’s first contact with yoga was in 2011, when she started practicing Iyengar Yoga. It soon became part of her life. After a year, she discovered Vinyasa Yoga and fell in love with the fluid movements that are coordinated with rhythmic breathing. After regular practice, she realized that what we learn on the yoga mat is also an essential part of our daily lives: mindfulness, compassion and self-confidence. Ximena teaches the vinyasa style as “meditation in action” based on fluent precision and attention, with creativity, attention to detail and joy always present. She is currently teaching in English and Spanish.

Eleanor Hicks

Eleanor has been a keen yogi since starting out with Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in 2005. After discovering the beautiful fluidity of Vinyasa Flow, she took her teacher training in Berlin, which coincided with her pregnancy. Struck by how yoga complemented and supported her pregnancy and birth, she signed up for an in-depth pre-natal training soon afterwards. She currently teaches regularly with Aluna Yoga in Schöneberg, as well as coordinating and teaching on the Open Yoga programme at Sharehaus Refugio in Neukölln, alongside her day job as a textile designer and mum.